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About Us

Since February 2020, Manymay has been helping people search the web, and we recently launched our factory store.

Manymay : Web Search, being the core product of Manymay Manufactories, has once simple mission : building a search engine that provides information to do more. 

Our factory store is the store invented for unlimited possibilities. A factory store delivering quality items from home to business & others. And we have no intention of changing that.

Manymay Manufactories founder Mavis Offei, believes in ''Doing'' more for sustainable living.  Therefore we invest both in building mobile homes, mobile businesses and investing in agriculture with the sole aim to help people live simple and cheaply. We aim to help people start businesses and own homes that won't break their finances.

PrayerWall Connect - Is a collaborative makerspace: here we pray, make, learn, explore, & share. Submit your prayer request at anytime online via prayerwall.manymay.com and it will appear on the wall. As well as to choose from any posts to explore and share.

No venture capital or outbound sales team, but we're burnt on to be one of the biggest successful ventures

We have never worked us a strictly geographically located brick & mortar business, and we don't plan to do so anytime, even if we are to do so, we will do it in a minimal and sustainable way. We want workers to have more mobility and ease to work, exploring life.

Our desire to create and do, is more than just goal: it's a light to stand by.