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How It Works

Manymay Manufactories Store is your one stop place to order all our innovated pieces to bring to life unlimited possiblities. No need to sign up if you just need to browse or search through our store. Find anything interesting? Simply,

  1. Click on the item: either service or product
  2. Select the booking time : all though we state the time we will finish your job, you will nee to select the time by choosing a date on the calendar and time on the clock slots for which you want the item delivered so we can always be on schedule.
  3.  On the next page your booking details will appear: With the  items you selected to purchase
  4. On the next page, you will fill out the checkout details with your name, email, phone number,  with your booking details reflecting also. 
  5. Special instructions? This is very vital for you to tell us how you want the item delivered or if you want a custom design or any specification. But if you don't have any kindly skip.
  6. The next page is the payment page where you pay for the item, please note we have mobile money and pay at shop or cash on delivery. Our Mobile money name is Mavis Offei and only via MTN.
  7. Kindly note that an account is automatically created and you will receive your account details via email inclusive of your automatic password which you can reset as ease.
  8. You can continuously login to track the work progress till completion
  9. You will also receive reminders and other notices related to your usage of our website and orders.
  10. Thank you for passing by.