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Website Management Up 11-50 Pages


This service includes managing your website from that has 11-50 pages: From Monday - Fridays  for a month

1. by uploading content : posts, images and any file

2. Updating contacts and pages

3. Promoting your website with SEO


What is website management?

Website management is a service involving the updating, analysing, promoting and developing of a website. Some website owners were of the impression that once you have a website designed and accessible on the internet that the job was finished.

This quickly becomes an obviously incorrect impression however when no-one is arriving at your site through search engines or advertising. So what is going wrong?

Depending on the type of site you have built, you will be wanting to either attract visitors that either need the service you offer, want to buy the products you provide or read the information you have presented for them.

This means targeted traffic; If your website is visible through search engines to a user searching for your products / services, your ability to sell to these searchers is much higher than if you are just targeting random people through general advertising in Magazines / TV or Radio.

Website management involves promoting your website in the best way to achieve the goals you have set for it. It doesn’t just involve search engine optimisation but covers the whole user experience while on your web site, things like site structure, user confidence, goal completion like newsletter signups or downloads, so not just getting the visitors to your site but building a relationship between your site and the user.

  • Service Name Website Management Up 11-50 Pages
  • Price GH₵ 3000.00
  • Time 24.00 days
  • Discount 0.00 %